What do you wanna be? #sierraleone

It’s a matter of perspective #thefreetownisee

Raining on the sea. Freetown Rain Season #thefreetownisee

Friday party for me = loads of water + sleep. Thoughts are heavy = the world’s problem. And it’s Friday. Xo

What are we investing in? It’s peanuts. #TheFreetownISee

It blesses. The Rain. freetown rainy season. Fambul dem this is how we do….

Pretty things but what really matters is a pretty heart. #ShoppingSpree’s - God’s Grace xo.

For her when she forgets. It’s going to be okay baby #travel

You happy? #thefatoublog it’s the little things….clearly. Xo

Sunshine & bubble tea. It’s the little things always. Feeling Love. Xo