"Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of my thunder. My life is a storm" - Anita Krizzan

With my beautiful younger sister @ traditional wedding. Know from where you come, always! Fambul dem, this is how we do…

At the entrance of the statute of the African Renaissance. This over priced statue asks as the next generation to not forget the shoulders we stand as the new generation of Africans. Dakar, I haven’t even scratched your surface yet, you’ve being good to me. Xo

This quote locked fear today. #Faith in the Higher Power

We become what we commit to. Ya heard? Xo

We are going backwards today, we don’t have African leaders who are concerned about tomorrow. It is about securing their today. - my favourite morning chat buddy, the waiter.

The basic breakfast post a late night of eating. Tummy blues.

Texture. Musee des Artes, Dakar

Musee Des Artes, Ifran, Dakar

Masque d’intiation fait en ecorce vegetale, Musee des Arts, Dakar