Pretty things but what really matters is a pretty heart. #ShoppingSpree’s - God’s Grace xo.

For her when she forgets. It’s going to be okay baby #travel

You happy? #thefatoublog it’s the little things….clearly. Xo

Sunshine & bubble tea. It’s the little things always. Feeling Love. Xo

Oh wow - Gracia Marcel spoke it,
Leadership is everything and for our governments in developing countries - let your budgets show what you say you care about she says! Quote of the day! We all know that is where change is possible, commitment through action is when we begin to save lives! #pmnchlive #southafrica #mamaye #maternal #newborn

Fine, I liked this Bono intro. #pmnchlive #southafrica

548 Days MDGs countdown. What have we achieved? What have we learned that will make post MDGs better? MDGs? A new tag line? What will you do to break the cycle of poverty that affects millions? Particularly our women, newborns and children? What are we going to do? #change

That moment when you meet Desmond Tutu and you squeal like a little girl. This man is grace. PMNCHLive #SouthAfrica #Maternal and #Newborn health

My colleague Dr.Aminu Garba on budget advocacy for CSOs in terms of transparency for better health outcomes for mothers and babies. #mamaye #pmnchlive #mothersandbabies

Joburg so concrete city like #pmnchlive experts from around the world discussing the way forward for maternal and newborn care #accountability